Courtney and Nicholas – Engaged

I am completely and 100% looking forward to the wedding of this adorable couple. Last week, they chose to go to Cantigny in Wheaton, IL for their engagement session. Courtney had never been there before, but she trusted me when I suggested the location and besides the weather, it was a perfect spot. The day was sort of cold and dismal, but these two were so much fun to work with and they did not let the weather bother them one bit.

Courtney and Nick are so comfortable together and I couldn’t help noticing how they talked and walked with one another. I was truly touched by Nick’s enthusiasm as he explained to Courtney all the memories that came rushing back to him from when he was a boy. His family use to bring him to this park quite often. They both vowed to go back and enjoy another day there, soon. Who knows, maybe “someday when they’re married” they will go back. Sigh with a smile animoticon.

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