Geoff, Jenny, and Little “O”

When Jenny called me to take Little “O”s one-year photos she said these pictures were going to be “a big deal to them” because it was not only their baby’s one year portraits, but also her and Geoff’s 4 year wedding anniversary.  Well, I have to say this was a big deal to me, too, because they have a special place in my heart.   I had the awesome pleasure of photographing this beautiful and stylish duo on their wedding day.  They were married in the gazebo at their parent’s farm on an incredible Fall day and are one of my all-time favorite couples!

Thank you G, J, and O for letting me again be a part of a special milestone in your lives.  Hope you love the memories!!

This look will melt your heart…..

Cool Beans!

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3 responses to “Geoff, Jenny, and Little “O”

  1. Danielle Weisse

    I remember there wedding!! The boys all did the Backstreet Boys photo!!! Now they have there own little heartbreaker now!!! Great photos .. again Missy!! You are my favorite photographer!

  2. Therese White

    Beautiful photos! Where did you take them?
    Love the tree lined photo- reminds me of Paris tree lined streets:) also- Jenny’s shoes rock- so stylish…

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